Katy Perry Has A Thing For Taylor Swift's Exes — In Theory, At Least

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Katy Perry is, by her own admission, "single and ready to mingle." These are words she used on The Ellen Show yesterday when the host asked her to engage in a game of "Would You Rather" to benefit the Boys and Girls Club. The premise of the game was simple: When presented with two celebrity men, Perry would pick the one she'd rather date. The thing is, as Hollywood Life points out, a lot of these men happened to be exes of Taylor Swift.
If you'll recall, the "Blank Space" singer and Perry have an ongoing feud that is already Hollywood legend. (I wouldn't be surprised if Ryan Murphy used it as inspiration for his next iteration of Feud. My title suggestion: Feud: Bad Blood.) The inciting incident involved "stolen" backup dancers and things spiralled pretty quickly from there. (Perry also dated Swift's ex, John Mayer, though Swift denies any bad blood on that front.) The two actively dodge talking about the friendship schism, but they do seem to sing about it: A collab was recently announced between Perry and Swift's ex Calvin Harris, which many expect to have a pointed message. Just last week, Perry avoided the question when Entertainment Weekly inquired about the rivalry. ("Let me say this: Everything has a reaction or a consequence so don’t forget about that, okay, honey," Perry equivocated.)
This brings us to Ellen, where Perry was forced to cherry pick a few suitors. Naturally, a couple of the men presented were Swift's exes, namely Tom Hiddleston and Harry Styles. First, Perry was given the option of Harry Styles vs. Zac Efron.
"Harry," Perry said immediately. "I love that record." Note: Harry Styles famously dated Taylor Swift in 2012. It was a brief but storied relationship that still haunts pop culture today. Then, when presented with Harry vs. Chris Pine and Harry vs. Kit Harington, Perry again chose the former One Directioner.
It gets saucier. At one point, Perry asked: "What if I've already kissed some of these people?" She was looking at Chris Martin vs. Leonardo DiCaprio. This raises the question: Did she kiss Leo or Chris? However — and this one's for my fellow conspiracy theorists — as she said this, Tom Hiddleston's picture came up on the screen. So, could she have been talking about Tom, yet another former flame of Swift's?
When asked to choose between Hiddleston and Leonardo DiCaprio, though, Perry chose the latter, citing the actor's "environmentalism."
"I hate this game!" Perry hollered, looking uncomfortable.
"It's fun," Degeneres argued.
"Yes. For the next day's news!" Perry pointed out.
You're not wrong, Katy. You're not wrong.
Watch the full clip of Perry's appearance on The Ellen Show, below.

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