The Internet Can't Decide If It Loves Or Hates Anne With An E

Photo: Marvin Moore/Netflix.
The internet is having a massive disagreement about whether or not the new adaptation of Anne of Green Gables, Anne With An E, is a good show. Many people are loyalists to the original series from the 1980s and are not feeling this new version at all. However, some people are into it.
The show is a CBC adaptation acquired by Netflix, and it is written by Emmy-winning Breaking Bad writer and producer Moira Walley-Beckett. Her take on the source material is admittedly dark, and it turns out that not everyone wants to see Anne of Green Gables as Breaking Bad.
The reviews are almost hilariously bad, with Vanity Fair running a review titled "Netflix’s Bleak Adaptation Gets It All So Terribly Wrong" and tagged "The Depths of Despair." TV Guide's review claims, "Anne of Green Gables Fans Are Totally Traumatised By Netflix's Adaptation," and The New Yorker tells us "How Not To Adapt Anne of Green Gables," explaining, "There are joys to be had in “Anne with an E”—the injustices almost always right themselves in the end, with Anne’s sobs of relief to follow—but little lightness." The Huffington Post calls it "relentlessly grim."
Some people, however, are here for it, even going so far as to find the re-telling to be feminist (though not everyone agrees with that point). While these people seem to be in the minority, they're finding things to enjoy in this new version, which includes fresh dialogue and invented scenes that aren't found in the original adaptation. Some viewers even offer some good advice for enjoying this new take on an old classic.
However, the internet has found agreement on one point. Viewers seem to universally love the young actor Lucas Jade Zumann as this generation's Gilbert Blythe.

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