X-Philes, Get Excited About This New Audiobook

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The last time we saw Mulder and Scully, things looked decidedly bleak for everyone’s favourite believer. Chris Carter has vowed the show will return to the small screen (and I’m going to hold him to his word after that cliffhanger finale), but fans are likely in for a long wait. Aside from rewatching old episodes on Netflix, what are we to do until then? Luckily, a new X-Files audiobook will be released on July 18 and it’s already available for preorder.
X-Files: Cold Cases, an original production by Audible, takes place sometime in between the 2008 film The X-Files: I Want to Believe and last year’s six-episode revival. David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson will lend their voices, and other key characters including Skinner, the "Cigarette-Smoking Man,” and the Lone Gunmen will also be voiced by their original actors.
Rolling Stone has premiered an exclusive clip, in which Scully can be heard calling a medical service as she describes being chased by a group of people who are wearing robes and chanting.
"I have a gunshot wound to my left arm, and I think the chanting is some kind of psychic attack,” Scully tells the receptionist, before asking that her message be sent to Assistant Director Skinner immediately.
There are a lot of strange moments in the brief clip (what else would you expect from The X-Files?), but one intriguing moment is Scully’s declaration that someone named Emily shot her.
X-Files devotees will remember that Scully had a daughter named Emily who died in Season 5. No one ever really dies on this show, so it possible she’ll return for the audiobook?
The clip concludes with a seriously creepy male voice ordering Scully to “come with us.” Cut to the theme music we all know and love.
So, while fans wait for assurance that Mulder has survived and William has been located, at least we’ll be able to get our eerie X-Files fix in a new way.

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