This Duggar Family Wedding Tradition Is Surprisingly Touching

Photo: Courtesy of TLC.
The Duggar family has a unique family wedding tradition that transcends three generations of women. After wearing Grandma Duggar’s wedding dress for her wedding, Michelle Duggar has made it a tradition to cut off a piece of the dress for every daughter that gets married to incorporate in their bridal ensemble.
In a clip from the TLC series, the mother of 19 is seen telling her daughter Jinger about the family tradition. Michelle, Grandma Duggar, and Jinger all cut a piece of fabric from the dress for the bride-to-be’s outfit.
“There’s been a family tradition that whenever one of the girls gets married, they can take a piece of my mum and Grandma Duggar’s dress -- they wore the same dress for their weddings,” says Jinger. “And so, we take a piece of that dress and incorporate it into our dress.”
Jinger’s sisters Jill and Jessa also share how the family dress had been included in their separate weddings. Jill was gifted a handkerchief for her bouquet while Jessa had a rosette in her bouquet. In Jinger’s case, the wedding dress designer explains her plan on integrating the fabric in the dress itself: to cut out a heart from the material and sew it into her dress over where her heart its.
“It was neat to see how Miss Renee had so creatively incorporated that piece of my mom’s and my grandma’s dress into my dress by making a little heart and putting it over my heart so walking down the aisle, knowing that there’s a little piece of that in there, it was kind of special.”

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