We Can't Look Away From This Disney Fairy Tale-Inspired Wedding

Theme weddings are certainly...a thing. And while we're all about celebrating your nuptials any way that you want, one couple from the Philippines is becoming a viral sensation thanks to theirs. Brides reports that the wedding had a Disney fairy tale theme, but instead of a simple homage to Cinderella or red roses to recall Beauty and the Beast, the entire event was a full-blown Disney extravaganza.
Last January, Janna Santos married Nikko, her high school sweetheart. It just so happens that the couple is a part of the wedding industry; they run a bridal shoe business together. That means that Santos has seen many, many brides. So what happened when she became a bride herself? She created the wedding of her dreams by incorporating Disney tales in every way possible.
"I wanted to be a princess on my wedding day, so we picked fairy tales as our theme," Santos told Brides. "Specifically, I wanted to be Cinderella because my groom and I run a bridal shoe business together."
Santos' dress, which she designed herself, took inspiration from Cinderella, with puff sleeves and an icy hue. Brides reports that it took over a year to make. And how does a Disney bride do bridesmaids? She enlists her besties and decks them out as the other princesses. Santos' bridal party wore dresses inspired by Rapunzel, Snow White, Belle, Elsa, and more. They even had props to finish off their regal looks. It's certainly a new take on the mismatched bridesmaid trend.
"When you want to be Cinderella on your wedding day, you dress up your bridesmaids as Disney princesses," Janna said. "Just like my wedding gown, I personally designed and hand picked the materials of these bridesmaids' dresses and picked out their props with my mum."
The Disney details were everywhere. The dessert table didn't just have sweets; it had fairy tale decorations, too. But perhaps the most magical part of the entire ceremony? During the reception, Santos and her husband treated guests to a performance of "A Whole New World." As if that wasn't enough, the bride had a projection display that flashed images across her one-of-a-kind ball gown. The team that made it happen said it was the very first time that a wedding dress in the Philippines incorporated projection mapping. You have to see it to believe it.