Wait, Did Beyoncé Just Announce Her Babies' Gender With Earrings?

Look, we all know that whenever Beyoncé appears in public, or produces some visual media, she's doing everything intentionally. She's not a disaster artist who will just fling off outfits without a second thought. Beyoncé considers her moves, then she moves. Hell, Lemonade was one of the most stylish films in years and contained a heaping helping of hidden imagery.
Even her selfies are art. Look at this subtle shoutout to the Beyhive. Or this vanishingly small shoutout to Adele. Even her pregnancy announcement was full of small surprises. If you blink, you'd miss this stuff. Thankfully the internet is like Alex in that chair from A Clockwork Orange: We never blink, even during all the horrors that the internet has to offer.
Twitter user @yawncey put two and two together after they noticed something pretty minor in Queen Bey's official photoshoot, posted to her site today.
Can you spot it?
Yep, the earrings from the "If I Were A Boy" video. Here's the video itself.
Look. This isn't a giant reveal. Babies are most often assigned either male or female at birth. Maybe Beyoncé is having one boy, or two boys, or has no idea and is just playing the odds. But we wouldn't put it past her to slip fans a subtle message of what to expect when Beyoncé's expecting.
Now, we wait.

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