A Selfie Of This Girl’s Messy Room Became A Meme & We’re Obsessed

Sometimes, when you know you look good, you just have to take a selfie right then and there, no matter what else is going on around you. That's what Alyssa from New Orleans decided to do. She does look good in her sequined black dress, but all Twitter wants to talk about is the mess in her room.
She posted the photo in question a couple of weeks ago, so it's unclear how it suddenly reached meme status on Thursday when people began replying with close-ups of the room. They're fascinated by the contrast of her put-together appearance and, say, a bag of marshmallows spilling onto the floor.
They searched her room for different shoes to pair with her dress.
Someone made the inevitable Friends reference.
One user decided to help by photoshopping her into a cleaner room.
Take a minute to laugh along with this thread, but then step back and look at Alyssa's more recent tweets. She is kind of impressing us with her gutsy reaction.
At first, she responded with an excuse that her room is "under construction."
Then it looks like she started to enjoy it.
"Keep retweeting my messy ass apartment, I wanna be famous by the time I get outta practice," she wrote on Thursday. "I have 104 more followers now than when I went into dance practice. All because my apartment is under construction. Bless up."
Alyssa, who says she's a prekindergarten assistant and college student, kept up her defiant tone on Friday, lamenting her growing number of straight male followers and celebrating her new lesbian fans. She also doesn't want fame to cramp her casual style.
No need to commit, Alyssa. Twitter will find someone new to tease soon enough.
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