This New Netflix Hack Is The Coolest Thing We’ve Ever Seen

When TVs were first invented, people had to walk up to the screens to change channels. Then, remote controls let us accomplish this from the comfort of our couches. And now, Netflix engineers may have propelled us toward the next stage in the evolution of lazy TV watching. A smart headband called Mindflix claims to let you control your Netflix menu with your mind. It detects your brain waves so precisely that you can select a show just by thinking about it. To flip from one option to the other, you simply shake your head. The device achieves all this by measuring your frontal lobe activity, according to Mashable. A funny video from Netflix shows a viewer who's been watching Care Bears for hours because he's too lazy to reach the remote a few feet away. Then, voilà: He liberates himself from the Kingdom of Caring without moving an inch. It maybe not be the most needed technological innovation of our time, but if it's legit, it just may be one of the coolest.

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