Why Is Kanye West Deleting & Uploading This Photo Of Kim Kardashian & The Kids?

Yesterday, Kanye West wished his fans happy holidays with a photo that featured his wife Kim Kardashian and him holding his two kids in front of a Christmas tree. Then he deleted the photo, reportedly taken at Kris Jenner's Christmas Eve party. Then he uploaded it again only to delete it. He uploaded the photo one more time until he finally seemed to leave it up, but this odd behaviour got his followers wondering what's going on. Some even threatened to unfollow him. There was one fan though who wrote that the tweet was going to "blow up" if he didn't delete it again. Could West have been re-posting the photo in hopes of getting more retweets or likes? It's true that for those who didn't catch it the original day it went up, it was now way down in their feed. It's possible he could have been trying to get it seen. Especially, since this is the first photo of the couple, who was rumoured to be divorcing after a tough 2016 that included Kardashian's scary Paris robbery and West's recent hospitalisation for exhaustion. West could be trying to make it clear with this photo that they are a happy family — despite the lack of smiles in this blurry shot. The original was even blurrier than this latest photo, so there is also the possibility that West, being the perfectionist he is, just didn't like that version of the photo. Or, maybe West posted this photo to prove that he was in fact in attendance at Jenner's holiday party since it was originally unclear whether he was or not. West has always been good at playing the press, so this upload/delete game could be him trying to make sure his appearance gets covered. If that is the case, good job Kanye, since hello, we're definitely writing about it...like again. But, The Daily Dot points out that there are a few questions fans should ask about this photo like, why isn't Kardashian wearing her wedding ring? Could West have been questioning whether he should post the shot knowing social media detectives would be all over that detail? Could this be a clue that the rumours are true? Of course, it could be none of these things since this isn't the first time West has exhibited this kind of social media behaviour. In November after posting nothing for two months to his Instagram he flooded it with 99 fuzzy photos from a catalog. People are still wondering what that was all about. Though, maybe this recent fuzzy photo is connected in some way? Basically, now we're left with more questions than answers about this whole thing. Maybe we should all stop this guessing game and just enjoy this West-Kardashian family photo. You know, for as long as West decides to keep it up.

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