Twitter Suspends Avowed Nazi & Ex-Reality Star Tila Tequila

Anna Webber/Getty Images for AOL
Tila Tequila has gone the way of other prominent Twitter trolls. The ex-reality star and avowed Nazi has used the platform for harassment on more than one occasion, seeing her page deleted temporarily after using racist insults against Jennifer Lopez. But the latest incident, in which she posted a picture of herself doing a Nazi salute, seems to have been the last straw. Her page, as of press time, is marked suspended. This is the latest step in Twitter's new commitment to fighting harassment. The tech giant has taken recent steps to combat harassment on their platform, like allowing users to mute certain words. In a prominent incident, Twitter banned the leader of the campaign to harass Leslie Jones and several other prominent alt-right accounts. Twitter has come under frequent fire for its failure to combat abuse on its platform. Most recently, that resulted in several potential buyers backing out of deals. The company has a market valuation of £10 billion despite not being profitable. Their cancellation of Vine, combined with the new anti-harassment tack, is evidence that the company is finally interested in changing its ways.

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