Jimmy Fallon Only Just Now Realised How Awesome Gilmore Girls Is

Welcome to the party, pal.

Jimmy Fallon's about 16 years late, but he finally got the memo that Gilmore Girls is amazing. Now he's burdened with the responsibility of watching all seven seasons before the Netflix reboot premieres on November 25. We could think of worse ways to spend one's time.

The Tonight Show host revealed that he's only on season 4 of the beloved show, which means he's reeling from Rory's Dean drama.

"Rory's back, she's in college but she came back home, and I can't even talk about it," Fallon shared during last night's show. "It went down ... major."

Yes. We remember.

Fallon also shared his five favourite characters from the show. He's Team Jess, digs Taylor Doose, thinks Luke has a "big heart," and finds Kurt "unbelievably funny." But only one character can come out on top.

"Number one, obvious: my girl Paris Geller," he announced. "Paris is smart, she's got the brains, but she's having a tough time right now, and I'm a little concerned."

Paris can handle herself, dude. Maybe Fallon should worry more about he failed to include Grandpa Gilmore in his hot list. What the hell?
Video: Courtesy of NBC.

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