Lauren Graham Says Melissa McCarthy In The Gilmore Girls Reboot Is The “Icing On The Cake”

Photo: The CW
The Gilmore Girls Netflix revival is almost here — and it's packed with people you love. We already know that all of Rory's boyfriends are returning to the series when it hits Netflix on November 25, and fortunately, the revival is also stacked with Rory and Lorelai's best girlfriends as well. Rory's pals Paris and Lane are returning and, after much speculation, so is Lorelai's BFF Sookie — a.k.a. Melissa McCarthy. How does the real life Lorelai feel about that? Really great, apparently. Lauren Graham spoke with Entertainment Tonight and revealed that McCarthy's return made the experience of working on the new season all the more special. "You know, the way these things come together is so circuitous and she's so busy," Graham explained of McCarthy's return. "Then we all were together on set and it was just great. [We] got to hang out after and it's like [Bledel was] saying, you have a foundation with these people, so anything else is just icing on the cake... It was the final piece of the puzzle to make sure that the show felt whole." It's a good point — Stars Hollow without Lorelai's BFF would feel a little empty. Bringing back the core cast isn't just good for fans — it helps the actors recapture the special moments from the original series. Fans are pretty hyped about McCarthy reprising her first big TV role:
Bubbly, accident-prone chef Sookie was both Lorelai's confidant and her business partner at the Dragonfly Inn. As evidenced by the new Gilmore Girls trailer, the Stars Hollow resident hasn't changed a bit.

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