Mandy Moore Is Younger Than The Actors Who Play Her Kids On This Is Us

Photo: Courtesy of NBC.
On the latest episode of This Is Us, we got to see Rebecca in the future as a grandmother — but she is still played by 32-year-old Mandy Moore. In the flash-forward scene, Moore plays the mother of actors who are actually older than her. To make that possible, makeup artist Zoe Hays had to age Moore 30 years. This transformation required putting 12 prosthetics on her face, as Hays told E! News. The artist then applied makeup using the "stretch and stipple" method: stretch the skin, put on makeup, and then let it dry so that the skin appears wrinkled. "I think it's very easy to go, 'Oh, we're going to stick a grey wig on and grey eyebrow, and make her look old,' but that really is not who she would be as she aged," Hays said. "She is a sexy, mature woman and there's never any doubt that she exudes that, and I wanted to bring some of that to this makeup." Hays had to test out a few different looks, which each took hours, but Moore was patient. Hays remarked that some people "get very upset" when they see older versions of themselves, but Moore was chill about it. "She wanted what was right for Rebecca."

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