We Found All The Best Workouts On YouTube, So You Don’t Have To

Photographed by Danny Kim.
The year is 2004: Everyone is talking like Napoleon Dynamite ("Whatever I wanna do, Gosh!"), Britney Spears just married K-Fed, and YouTube...doesn't exist?!
Yes, it's super-hard to even imagine the world without YouTube — the place we now turn to for everything from how-tos to live presidential debates. But in the roughly 11 years since YouTube became a thing, it's also gotten kind of out of control, especially when it comes to tutorials.
There's everything you could ever want on the platform, but unless you know exactly which video you're looking for, it can be time-consuming to find one that fits your specific needs at any given moment. I mean, how many hours have you wasted sitting there, watching a beauty tutorial just waiting for the person to get to the point?
Those frustrations aside (and please don't misunderstand, we still love beauty bloggers and vloggers), this could not be more true for workouts. Thanks to the sheer number of trustworthy trainers and fitness aficionados posting videos on the daily, YouTube is full of free exercise advice and inspiration. And yet, when you're trying to find a quick workout ASAP, a stretching tutorial, or even a trainer with a channel you can rely on consistently, it's kind of counterproductive to be sitting in your living room, all done-up in your gear, and sifting through videos.
Even worse, a lot of stuff on YouTube (including — well, especially — the comments) isn't exactly user-friendly for people who want to take a rational, body-positive approach to their fitness.
Still, we shouldn't totally write the platform off; there's just so much there to work with. And hello, did we mention it's free? In order to help you sidestep these downsides, we went ahead and curated a comprehensive list of great workouts on YouTube.
You can use the videos featured as one-off workouts (allowing you to get the advice and inspiration) that will liven up your regular routine or you can click through to the trainers' channels to get to know them better.

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