Piers Morgan Compares Taylor Swift To A Dog, Reaches Peak Piers Morgan

On Good Morning Britain Tuesday morning, Piers Morgan made an, um, interesting comparison. While discussing a cute Gucci ad featuring Tom Hiddleston face-to-face with an Afghan hound, he said the pup bears resemblance to Hiddleston's ex-girlfriend, as The Mirror reports. "They are the Taylor Swift of canines," he remarked. "Of all the dogs I've seen, they look the most like Taylor Swift." Richard Arnold, the show's entertainment editor, defended the "Out of the Woods" singer. "Not everybody is seeing that," he said. Nope — the only other person who might tend to agree is Donald Trump, given his propensity for calling women dogs.
Morgan didn't back down, though. In fact, he reiterated himself over Twitter. "See, I'm right. Afghan hounds are the Taylor Swifts of the canine world," he wrote.
We can't be too surprised, given that this is coming from someone who took a dig at Emily Ratajkowski for posing nude and called Beyoncé "agitating." Unfortunately, his campaign of criticising female celebrities shows no signs of slowing down.

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