Who Was Murdered On Tonight’s Pretty Little Liars?

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Just as we got advance notice someone was proposing on last week's Pretty Little Liars, we also knew someone would be murdered in tonight's episode. Turns out that unlucky person was Sara "Shower" Harvey (Dre Davis) — no surprise to the fandom there. Although the real kicker is that her body was left in a running shower...ha!
Murder in Rosewood is nothing new. Let's take a moment to remember all the people who have been killed in Pretty Little Liars history: Ali's (Sasha Pieterse) fake murder, Bethany Young, Mona's (Janel Parrish) fake murder, Detective Wilden (Bryce Johnson), Maya (Bianca Lawson), Nate/Lyndon (Sterling Sulieman), Mrs. DiLaurentis (Andrea Parker), Charlotte (Vanessa Ray), Ian (Ryan Merriman), Garrett (Yani Gellman), Elliott/Archer (Huw Collins), and Shana (Aeriél Miranda). Most of these murders were not announced ahead of time, which foolishly gave us hope tonight's murder would be a big deal. You know, someone we care about. But, well...Sara's was not that. Still, there's already speculation that one of The Liars' beloved love interests, Toby, might die before the Summer Finale.
We'll be recapping the episode live here. Keep coming back to learn our top 29 questions of the night, and the reveal of who was murdered.
1. Who is getting murdered tonight?
2. Why is it so weird that Elliot/Archer may be alive? Ali and Mona both came back from the "dead."
3. Why exactly does Sara hate the girls? She was torturing them for years with CeCe before the fire happened.
4. How can Ali be so mad at the girls? It's not like she was upfront with them in all of their near death situations in high school.
5. Why haven't the girls turned their phones on silent to avoid panic attacks?
6. Why exactly is Hanna (Ashley Benson) keeping the burner phone with her in public, on full volume?
7. Elliot/Archer was not actually murdered alive, right? That storyline has already happened, thank you very much.
8. Is Emily (Shay Mitchell) constantly disgusted with herself that she hooked up with Sara "Shower" Harvey?
9. What happened to the creepy man that used to own The Lost Woods Resort?
10. Is Mary Drake's (Andrea Parker) fear over Elliot possibly being alive all an act?
11. Why is this murder the one that is keeping Aria from marrying Ezra (Ian Harding)? She didn't actually kill Elliot, but she did actually kill Shana.
12. Why do Caleb (Tyler Blackburn) and Ezra (Ian Harding) have any doubts that the girls are hiding something from them? OF COURSE THEY ARE — you've caught them lying to you weekly.
13. What is up with Jenna (Tammin Sursok) playing that flute in hotel rooms with the door open?
14. If everyone is looking for Uber A, why doesn't Jenna's team and The Liars join forces?
15. Charlotte knew Elliot's real identity as Archer? She also called him "Archie," which is just awful.
16. Why was Elliot dating Ali if he was actually in love with Charlotte? That is not normal behavior, that is something Jenna should have been indignant about.
17. How did Archer and Charlotte meet? If Jenna is the one that turned him into a "doctor" and got him qualified to work at Welby, then they clearly met before.
18. Who was Sara trying to warn Emily about, and why does Jenna not want the girls to know about this threat?
19. What was the point of putting Spencer (Troian Bellisario) and Caleb together, if the writers were going to break them up only a couple episodes later?
20. Is Hanna going to talk about how Spencer didn't have bangs in her dream? Because that is weird.
21. How is the police force SO bad that Elliot can just pretend to be a police officer? They should have put Barry Maple, the only good police officer, on the case.
22. Why didn't Ali run outside when the police officer weirdly went missing? Running into a dark room is the opposite of smart.
23. How can Hanna afford Louboutins if she is unemployed?
24. Why does Aria (Lucy Hale) want to marry the person that knowingly seduced her as a child and created a lair where he stalked her and her friends?
25. Do all of The Liars' sketchy activities happen in the same wooded area?
26. Who tried to kill Ali and is calling them if Elliot is still dead and buried where they left him?
27. Did they really put Sara Harvey's dead body in a shower? Wow, way to play to the fandom complaining about Sara's constant need to shower. Congrats to everyone who guessed it would be Sara.
28. If Sara knew who they should be scared of, why didn't she tell people? She's not helpful ever.
29. (From the preview): What is up with Jason's hair??? Although, I am so excited he's back.

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