You Probably Never Noticed This About "Friends" Before

I was watching Friends the other night and “The One With the Dollhouse” came on. You know the episode: Monica inherits a gorgeous Victorian-style dollhouse from her late Aunt Sylvia, but is very particular about how people are allowed to play with it. She doesn’t like the kooky items that Phoebe brings over, like an oversized dog and a ghost for the attic, so Phoebe decides to build her own dollhouse. The result is so incredibly Phoebe: creative, wacky, and mismatched in the most perfect ways possible.
I’ve seen the episode dozens of times, but when Phoebe shows off her dollhouse, my eyes always go to the same places: the fireplace, the metallic slide, the fun bubbles coming out of the chimney. But there’s so much more to notice! If you stop and look around the rooms, you’ll discover other fun items that are just as weird and wonderful as Phoebe. Here are some of our favourites—let’s go room by room.

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