Ken Kratz Explains A Key Piece Of Making A Murderer Evidence

“I was a dick.” That’s how Ken Kratz, the unquestioned villain of hit Netflix series Making a Murderer, opens his talk with Jena Friedman, reporting for Gothamist. Kratz was candid, relatively speaking, on his feelings about the case. At one point, he seems to be getting a wee bit friendly with Friedman, but he pulls back. The same could not be said of his conduct when (allegedly) sexting a domestic abuse victim. But who are we to judge? The best tidbit of information is that Kratz says that he had testimony from a nurse who allegedly punctured the seal on Avery’s blood container when she was depositing the blood. He can’t remember her name, though, and says she just died. Pity we can’t call her up, and strange that nobody has thought to mention this before. Kratz says that, despite the social media hate and general calls for Avery’s exoneration, Making a Murderer has changed things for the better. “As a defense attorney, I’ve got more in common with Dean Strang and Jerry Buting than with the state of Wisconsin right now.” He goes on to say that the general outlook has changed and that many people now concede that Avery might be guilty, but that the cops probably planted evidence. Oh, and he hasn’t gotten many admirers from the show. That’s unlike defense lawyers Dean Strang and Jerry Buting, who many people say are “hot.” When Friedman asks him to play Fuck Marry Kill with Strang, Buting, and himself, Kratz demurs. “It’s pathetic, really. The stars that go in your eyes when you talk about Dean Strang.” Also, he refuses to go on record with a Ouija board. What does he have to hide?

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