Your March Horoscope

It’s time to reshape our perspectives. A retrograde Mercury enters forward-thinking Aquarius on March 4, giving us clarity into how the past influences our future. Take a moment to consider how you react to others during this transit, and if necessary, ask yourself how you can change those reactions.
Material Venus moves into luxury-loving Taurus on March 4, making us want to indulge. If you’re shopping for a big-ticket item, look for quality and get all the facts before you splurge. We’re in an optimistic and cautious mood on March 9, when the Moon waxes full in practical Virgo opposing dreamy Neptune, creating a trine with lucky Jupiter. You’ll be drawn to people who support you; lean on them. This is also the day that Mercury ends his retrograde, moving direct in independent Aquarius. We’ll be able to easily tap into inner strength and confidence, making it a good time to engage with others. Mercury then passes into intuitive Pisces on March 16, a move that will help us trust our sensitive sides. While the messenger planet is in this generous and affectionate sign, we’ll want to practice being gentle with ourselves.
Starting March 19, the Sun lights up Aries, the first sign of the zodiac and the ruler the head, the place where ideas begin. Brainstorm how you can accomplish your most significant desires during this powerful transit. Saturn, a taskmaster, enters inventive Aquarius on March 21. The ringed planet is prepared to help you test out new strategies for success as he moves through this forward-thinking sign. Get ready to redesign your life.

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