Venus In Capricorn Tells Us To Work Hard, Play Hard

“Venus, planet of love / Was destroyed by global warming / Did its people want too much too? / Did its people want too much?” Mitski sings in the 2018 single “Nobody.” The lyrics are appropriate — in astrology, Venus rules love and desire, as well as beauty, money, and expectations. After transiting Sagittarius for just over three weeks, the planet of love moved into practical Capricorn on November 25.
Capricorn's symbol is the Goat and just like goats, Capricorns are known for their stubbornness, straightforwardness, and love of hard work. That means that when Venus is in Capricorn, the time is right for all of us to put a little more effort into our romantic lives and our finances.
“Venus’s journey in Capricorn represents a time of hard work when it comes to love and money,” astrologer Lisa Stardust tells Refinery29. But all this hard work will pay off. “When in Capricorn, Venus likes to see results,” Stardust says.
But before we see those results, we’re in for a wild ride. “This time around, Venus in Capricorn will go from being lovesick to power hungry, and from broke to indulgent in a couple of weeks,” Stardust says. “We will all feel a tad blue and lonesome in the middle, but we will come to realize that relationships take time to evolve and grow.”
While this might not sound ideal, there’s a place for fun, too — especially when it comes to sex. “A work hard, play hard dynamic is established in our finances and love lives,” Stardust says. “Which is explains why Venus in Capricorn likes to push taboos, especially in the bedroom.” So go ahead and splurge on a new sex toy, make a plan to fulfill a fantasy, or try out a new kink — you can tell your partner it's all thanks to Venus.

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