The New Moon In Aries Brings Us Strong Emotions And New Beginnings

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Last month brought us the Super Worm Equinox Moon, an extra-bright, extra-close full moon that fell right on the spring equinox. This month brings us another powerful moon: the new moon in Aries, which falls on April 5. As you might know, a new moon occurs when the moon is between the earth and the sun, making the moon appear to be in total or almost total darkness when we look at it from the earth (you know, like the emoji). This month’s new moon appears in Aries, the first sign of the zodiac. We talked to two witches who celebrate the new moon about what the new moon in Aries means and how we can mark the occasion.
“The new moon in Aries is a powerful time for action and development,” T.C. Stewart, founder of The Witch Of Lupine Hollow, explains. “The new moon brings the energy of fresh starts, new beginnings and setting our intentions for the next month or longer, while Aries is the fiery first sign of the zodiac, focused on taking action (and taking no prisoners).”
There’s tension in the new moon and Aries, but it’s a good kind of tension, Stewart adds. “As a moon-in-Aries girl myself, I can say that there is a unique tension between the fiery energy of Aries and the watery, emotional energy of the moon, but it's a tension that can really help us to grow stronger, bolder, and more attuned with what gets us riled up.”
That means the new moon can bring stronger-than-usual emotions — and the opportunity to reflect on them. “With the new moon in Aries, set an intention to pay attention to the things that make you feel anger, passion or excitement, especially if those feelings bring up deep emotions or even tears,” Stewart says. “When we lash out fiercely and emotionally, it's the perfect opportunity to look at what made us feel that way and to begin to understand ourselves more deeply, which is really one of the main goals of being in tune with the lunar cycle.”
Sebastian Lavender, a practicing witch of 12 years, advises, “The New Moon in Aries is an event of some major power for you to harness into new beginnings and inward reflection. It is the high point of manifestation energy for the spring as you move from your current state to something better — one door closes and another one opens. Release things that no longer serve you, those things you've been meaning to let go of for so long, and take the leap into uncharted, yet promising territory.”
Lavender also shared some suggestions for new moon rituals. “New moon rituals are usually about manifesting change in order to move onto new beginnings in preparation for the next moon cycle, and Aries' high energy fire super charges these intentions,” they explain. “If you are at a turning point in your life where you are ready to move into the next phase, performing a release or banishment ritual can feel extra powerful and meaningful on this night. I like to perform release rituals by writing down people or things I want to release from my life on pieces of paper, and burning them in a fire-safe bowl. If fire isn't your thing, you can also flush these pieces of paper down the toilet.”
If a release or banishment ritual doesn't sound like a good fit, there are other ways to celebrate the new moon. “Creating a mantra or statement of personal power and reciting to yourself out loud can help you set the intentions for your new beginning and reflect on what you will manifest for yourself, now that you have released what no longer serves you,” Lavender says. “You might do this with the support of the Hanged Man card, one of the tarot cards of 2019, which signifies that this year is about release and surrender for us all.”
Another option is moonbathing (think sunbathing, but with the moon). “During powerful moons like this, I also like to be outside at night in order to absorb the energy of the moon more completely,” Lavender says. “A moonbath will make your spells and rituals even more powerful. It's okay if you can't see the moon — the energy is most certainly in the air around you.”
The emotions and changes the new moon in Aries brings also means self-care is extra important, they add. “Be sure to be gentle and take care of yourself during the new moon in Aries. A lot of powerful emotions may get stirred up for you, so make sure you have time to be alone and rest as you contemplate the wisdom of the moon. Self-care activities like bubble baths or binge-watching your favourite show will help soothe and ground you as you prepare for some major shifts.”

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