White Blush Is The Unexpected TikTok Trend You Just Have To Try

Image via: neyamcr/TikTok.
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I'm so glad that blush is finally getting the recognition it deserves. It's been the star of many beauty trends in the last year alone — ombré blush, purple blush, under-eye blush and the 'W method' are just some of the nifty hacks we've added to our beauty brains.
Versatility is blush's middle name — you'll find her coming in cream, stick, powder and liquid form. It's why we were game enough to give the emerging 'white blush' a red hot go (or should we say a white hot go?).

What is TikTok's white blush trend?

As the name suggests, this trend is essentially about replacing your typical pink (or even purple) blush with one that's white.
The effect? A matte, blown-out highlight look. Instead of a dewy finish that creamy blushes are renowned for giving, this trend aims to brighten and illuminate the cheekbones (and give them the illusion of looking larger if that's your thing). It's an aesthetic that draws both from Japanese beauty and drag queens — though over on TikTok it's acquired an angelcore, delicate air.

How do you apply white blush?

@maytahmi White blush??? Comment if you’d wear it (if you wear it outside ur brave and I love it) #whiteblush #editorialmakeup #abstractmakeup #makeupideas #makeuptrends ♬ original sound - 🌩
@f.bermann so who is into white blush? white blush by @chiaolihsu 🤍 #makeupartist #fyp #makeuptutorial #makeuptips ♬ original sound - f.bermann
To nail this look yourself, start by putting on your typical base. Then, take a white powder or liquid and apply it where you would usually place your blush. Using a fluffy brush or your fingertips, blend the product in. For more impact, take white eyeshadow and press the pigment on top of your blush.
TikTok user and makeup artist @neyamcr opted for a light pink powder inside of white for her dark skin. After she gently patted the powder onto her cheeks, Neya dabbed a slightly darker pink cream blush on top.
Like with any beauty trend, the comments section under these tutorials has mixed thoughts from viewers. "This looks editorial but also kinda subtle," reads one comment. "I know I would look ashy af," says another. "Idk it looks like a setting powder," another weighs in. We think it looks fresh!
If you're willing to give it a go, shop our selects below or venture into your makeup stash and play around with some of your lighter-hued products.
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