According To TikTok, You Simply Must Try Applying Blush Under Your Eyes

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In the endless pursuit of optimising our beauty routines, TikTok has loads of tips and tricks to offer. And while there's plenty of BS and spon con to sift through — dental floss for frizzy hair? I don't think so — every now and then we stumble upon a gem of a hack that actually changes the game.
Recently, Tiktok user @paintedbyspencer started a movement when they called upon followers to try applying blush under their eyes. "If you're not blending your blush up to your under-eye area, you're missing out," said the Los Angeles-based MUA while showing off a flawless complexion, complete with some powder blush applied right up under their lower lashline.
While the blush itself is subtle, the impact is undeniable — a lifted face with a noticeable glow.
Following suit, a host of other TikTokers got around the challenge and showcased their own versions of the blush hack, using warmer shades of liquid blush to achieve a brightening effect.
@stxph.h i thought this would make my dark circles look worse and was fully prepared to redo my makeup…I AM SHOCKED 🤯 ib: @ALISSIA #blushtrend #blushhack #blushchallenge ♬ Under Eye Blush - SPENCER
Though the hack may seem unconventional, it actually makes a lot of sense given that colour-correcting techniques have long told us to reach for peachy/pink hues to counteract the blue-ish purple hues of dark under-eye circles. I mean, just look at the wild success of Bobbi Brown's cult dark peach corrector that is still a staple of many MUAs today.
TikToker @makupbymonicaa gave her stamp of approval to the trend, offering up a PSA to those of us with warmer, olive complexions that we'll find orangey/coral shades more flattering. Just like blush for your cheeks, important to look at your overall undertone when selecting the right hue.
@makeupbymonicaa PSA for my brown girls!! Use an orange/coral blush instead it looks WAAYY better & it’ll serve as a color corrector too✨💅🏾 #blush#blushhack#makeuphack#blushtips#browngirlmakeup#browngirlblush#blushtiktok#rarebeauty#viralmakeup#makeuptips ♬ Under Eye Blush - SPENCER
Trying it out yourself couldn't be easier. After prepping your base with an eye cream, just take a warmish blush — liquid seems to be the formula of choice, particularly for beginners — and apply a light amount directly under our eyes, focusing on the centre to the inner corners. Then take your concealer and dab it over the blush and use either a sponge or your fingers to blend away until the two are one and relish in the reveal.
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