I Tried 6 Skin Tints So You Don’t Have To (& There’s A Clear Winner)

Designed by Kristine Romano.
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Forget tinted moisturiser or serum foundation. If TikTok's beauty enthusiasts are right — and they're always ahead of the trend curve — skin tints are set to become the viral makeup product of the summer.
With an enormous 48 million views on the app to date, skin tints occupy a cosy space between a light-coverage foundation and your most hydrating skincare product. The feel? Featherlight. The finish? Super natural. Unlike heavier base products, tints allow skin to look like skin while very subtly tucking away any gripes you might have, such as redness, scarring or breakouts.
With the rise of minimalism makeup, you might be looking to ditch your full-coverage foundation for something more comfortable — and a skin tint is the answer.
I tried six trending skin tints so you don't have to — and there's a clear winner.
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