This Simple TikTok Hack Will Change The Way You Apply Blush

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In case everyone in your life hasn't already scolded you senseless about it, please wear sunscreen. Sure, people are clocking that a light sunburn can leave you with some flattering colour, but the impacts of sunburn are literally deadly and you can 100 per cent achieve the same rosy glow, if not better, by getting tactical with your blush.
Thanks to the wonderful community that is #BeautyTok, we've accumulated a host of neat tips and tricks, particularly when it comes to blush hacks. And while there are some we'll leave behind (literally cooking foundation or using a jade roller to apply makeup, to name a few) the 'W' method is definitely something that has changed our approach to everyday makeup.
So, what is the 'W' method? It's the aptly-named application technique of drawing, in one swift motion, a wide 'W' with your blush that spans from the temples, down to your cheeks and across your nose to mimic where the sun would naturally hit.
While it's so simple it hurts, the results are pretty spectacular, giving you that fresh-from-a-holiday look without the need for any after-sun care. It might seem like a lot for those who prefer a lighter flush, but trust us, once you get used to the high-impact colour, it'll be your new favourite way to utilise blush.
To give it a go, we recommend reaching for a stick blush like Westman Atelier's Baby Cheeks or Mecca Max's Off-Duty blush that allows you to draw the shape on with ease. The colour choice is up to you, but for a sunny glow, we suggest a bright coral hue without any sparkles in the formula to look as natural as possible.
Below, shop some of our favourite stick blushes to give the method a whirl!
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