The Ultimate Edit Of The Best Sunscreens For Every Skin Type

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When it comes to skincare, what's considered essential can be pretty subjective. The one thing that no one can contest? The necessity of sunscreen. But like most things that are good for us, it hasn't historically had the fanfare of, say, serums or face masks. And that's because they've generally been unpleasant to wear — feeling like thick film on the face and sticking us with a less than flattering white cast.
But over recent years, beauty brands have really stepped up, providing new and improved formulas to replace the sludge that your mum kept by the litre under the bathroom sink.
Since we can't see the results of using it like bronzers and tints, we're a little more critical of how our sunscreens play with the rest of our skincare and makeup. So when we find a good one, we hold onto it for dear life. Even as we wave goodbye to sunnier days, sunscreen remains the most important step in your skincare routine.
Ahead, our edit of the best facial sunscreens we've ever used.
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