Good Yarn: Gigi Hadid’s Guest In Residence Knitwear Brand Is Here

Guest In Residence
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If you missed the news that Gigi Hadid was launching her very own clothing line, we don't blame you. The model and mother only surprised her followers recently when she shared some behind-the-scenes snaps of how the project was coming together in early August. 
Since then, little has been shared beyond some snippets of the process and the team she's been working with to bring her line to fruition. Recently, the brand's socials have been dropping hints as to what we can expect from the line through the odd IG posts.

What is Guest In Residence?

Boasting a range of loungewear and everyday staples in an array of hues from cosy grey to joyous marigold, the pieces are designed in timeless silhouettes so as to be worn over and over again. 
"A symbol of elegance and refined comfort, cashmere has long been viewed as a luxury, unattainable for some." reads the brand explainer.
"Our Creative Director @gigihadid wanted to shift this model using both her world-class fashion experience, and quirky sense of style, to create a fresh offering with more approachable pricing, hoping to invite a wider audience into the world of luxury knitwear."

Where can we shop Guest In Residence in Australia?

As of September 7, the line is already live and ready to shop!
And luckily for us Aussies, this is not one of those launches we have to wait to get our hands on outside of the U.S. The entire range is available to shop in Australia and beyond directly from the Guest In Residence website.
Some of our favourite pieces we see ourselves wearing to death include the Shrunken Polo, the Everywear Pant and the Showtime Shirt.

What are the prices of Guest In Residence?

While the model is known for her penchant for mixing high and low in her own fashion choices, this line naturally falls on the higher end of the price spectrum given that each piece is made from 100% pure cashmere. 
Cashmere comes from the Capra Hircus Laniger goat, and as in-demand as it is for its unmatched softness, it can only be produced in small quantities because of limited supply and the complicated process involved in its production. 
While it is the epitome of luxury, cashmere is notoriously high-maintenance and can only last as long as it is taken care of. So if you’re keen to shop any GIR pieces, you’ll definitely want to brush up on their guide to getting the most out of your pieces. 
Famous for her love of mixing casual wardrobe staples like knitwear and denim with luxurious outerwear and statement accessories, this next venture feels like a natural next step for the 27-year-old, who has already overseen collaborations with brands like Tommy Hilfiger and Frankies Bikinis.  
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