This Gigi Hadid Outfit Is A Masterclass In Transseasonal Dressing

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The changing of seasons can bring a host of possibilities. We start visualising how we'll spend the months ahead, and, of course, what it means for our wardrobes. And we can definitely get ahead of ourselves, planning our swimwear looks in August or shopping for the thickest coats money can buy in February.
But the in-between periods, spring and autumn, pose certain challenges, sartorially speaking.
It's brisk, but sunny, temperatures are rising but there's a lot of wind going on. And since our smooth brains seem to only focus on the very hot and the very cold, dressing in these transitional periods can be challenging.
So when Gigi Hadid recently stepped out in New York City, we couldn't help but marvel at her outfit. The model, and new mother, has effectively presented us with a 2021 uniform perfect for navigating these unpredictable weather days — and looking pretty darn chic in the process.
Below, we deconstruct just what makes this look such a gamechanger.
To begin we start with the basics. Literally. The ribbed tank has been our MVP wardrobe saviour over the past few years for its ability to dress down any look (in the chicest way, just ask Zoë Kravitz). And the fact that it can hold its own under a coat or cardigan is just another reason they're an year-round must-have.
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Whether you're in winter going into spring, or vice versa, it can be tricky to adjust to the change in mood. Hadid has long been Queen of the Statement Pants, but these bright tie-dyed flares have to be some of her best, balanced perfectly with the boxy structure of an oversized blazer that doubles down on providing warmth and elevating an entire outfit. The result is a chic look with just the right amount of intrigue, able to take you from occasion to occasion and season to season.
And the 26-year-old accessorises like a woman with places to be, rocking chunky loafers that are equal parts practical and chic, just as appropriate for the office as they are for date night. Hadid then makes the case for the return of the functional tote. After some majorly impractical years of bags the size of a corn chip, we welcome the oversized shoulder bag with open arms.
Polish it all off with some timeless sunglasses and a slicked-back bun to keep that overgrown lockdown hair at bay and you have yourself a failproof outfit for confusing times.

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