10 TikTok-Approved Fashion Brands To Have On Your Radar

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When it comes to fashion and where to throw our (limited) cash, it's hard to sort the quality from the celebrity endorsements and clever marketing. But on TikTok, where the opinions are plenty and, at times, brutal, we're definitely all ears when a brand or specific collection item gets people talking.
We know that TikTok is mostly known for giving every bizarre microtrend a name — was clowncore ever really a thing? — but in 2022, the app has given way to a new generation of fashion critics, and become a place for no-holds-barred reviews of every little tip, or cult item.
From the infamous dresses that seem to suit everyone under the sun, to the old favourites Gen Z are putting on the digital map, these are the best fashion brands going viral on TikTok.
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