Christmas Gift Guide

29 Oddly Specific Advent Calendars You’ll Want To Gift This Season

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Is this still on? *taps mic* Even though it feels like we were just saying "see you never" to 2021, 2022 is somehow coming to a close?! But, to cheer you up, we've got a little something up our holiday gifting sleeves — well, technically, 30 little-somethings that are made up of 12-25-little somethings...Let's just cut to the chase: it's advent calendars.
As it turns out, not only have advent calendars for the 2022 holiday season already started to drop, but they're also even more oddly specific than last year's lineup — we're talking everything from coffee and wine through to limited-edition-sock stuff here. The weird and the wonderful of unique advent calendars aren't just fun, they're actually a good gifting bang for your buck (especially for those looking to share gifts or wanting to try a variety of products).
It's true, we've got a few weeks to go before December. But why wait? Go ahead and start treating yourself and your loved ones early with this year's biggest advent calendars. Oh, and be sure to bookmark this page if you're interested in checking out more oddly specific options as they continue to drop — we'll be keeping tabs.
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