Prediction: Scandi Brunches Will Trend This Summer — Here’s How To Host One

Scandi style has been everywhere over the last year. Whether you've encountered it via Matilda Djerf's perfectly blown-out curtain bangs on Instagram or through an aesthetic Copenhagen home tour on TikTok, the trend has well and truly popped off.
There's something undeniably alluring about the Scandi aesthetic, and it's easy to see why the TikTok hashtag #scandistyle has amassed over 82 million views (and counting). It's both minimal and unique, effortlessly cool yet clean, without compromising on beauty.
So if you've found yourself worshipping at the throne of perfectly slouchy cream knits, soft interior hues and functional-but-beautiful interiors recently, we highly suggest indulging a little further — by throwing a Scandi brunch.
A quick Pinterest search should give you an idea of how beautifully whimsical they are. Typically, a Scandi brunch or picnic is a celebration of Midsummer — the summer solstice that sees Scandinavians flock to the countryside to revel in the high point of the season.
I know what you're thinking — you've probably seen the excellent thriller Midsommar and are probably a little confused about how and why you'd want to emulate the vibe. However, if you focus on the flower crowns, white linen, and vibrant green surrounds, you're on the right track.

Choose an aesthetic location

Most Scandi brunches take place along a scenic canal or amongst a field of perfectly overgrown green grass, rolling hills and shrubby flowers — or just in folks' backyards.
If you're looking to emulate the fairytale-esque outdoor setting, nab yourself a spot in a location like the secret garden in North Sydney's Lavender Bay Parklands or Mckell Park in the east. As for Melburnians, the famous Fitzroy or Edinburgh Gardens should do the trick.
Given that La Niña is rearing its ugly head until January (and hopefully never again after that), opting for an indoor or backyard Scandi brunch could be a safer bet than heading out to a park. Just remember – the assignment is green, summery, overgrown shrubs of white and lavender flowers and classic Scandi kitchenware (we'll elaborate on this later), which all come in addition to the location.

Prepare a fairytale-worthy feast

You'll find many delicious foods featured in a Scandi brunch. The main meal will usually centre around pickled herring and a potato salad seasoned with lashings of dill. It's also common to find gravlax — a type of cured salmon — with crispbreads to accompany it.
It's fair to say that the main character of these events, however, is the strawberry. Commonly known as jordgubbstårta, most Swedes will make a shortcake topped with spoonfuls of whipped cream and garnished with freshly picked strawberries. Yum.
If you're looking for some further food inspo, scrolling the feed of popular Sydney cafes Cornersmith and Funkis Köket Café (both of which serve up traditional Scandi breakfasts) should do the trick.
We have a slight feeling an Australian summer might be a little hotter and more humid than a Scandinavian one, so shaking things up and shifting away from tradition could be an idea to zhuzh things up a little. Swapping a strawberry-themed dessert for something with say, watermelon or a tropical fruit at the front and centre could be a great way to integrate seasonal produce into your brunch.
Given the heat might mean you're a little more focused on the sitting and indulging aspects of brunch, having a variety of fun, ready-to-drink options like Jose Cuervo Watermelon Sparkling Margarita cans on hand will make planning (and enjoying) your Scandi-themed brunch much easier. The drinks' sparkly watermelon, zesty lime and triple sec flavour would pair pretty perfectly with both Aussie brunch classics and Scandi staples.
Bonus: they'll add a bright pop of colour to your event too.

Decorate to your heart's content

As we said earlier, the brief is a summer garden paradise straight out of a Disney fairytale. The cornerstone of a good midsummer Scandi brunch is some freshly picked flowers, like daisies and clover. Heading to your local farmers market for fresh flowers to set around your table and home will genuinely add a midsummer-esque flare. Of course, a fairy light or two wouldn't go astray either, especially if you plan to host until the sun goes down.
When it comes to kitchenware, Aussie brands like Hay are killing it in the Scandinavian-inspired, retro game right now. You'll be sure to find a matching set of pastel plates and cutlery to serve up a salmon bagel on. Alternatively, taking a dive through an op shop is a great option for scouting out unique, vintage tablewear which you'll be sure to use long after your brunch has ended.
If you need some more inspo, this TikToker's indoor DIY brunch is simply to die for.
With Christmas just around the corner, throwing (or attending) an indulgent brunch is a great way to round out the year. Whether you commit to the full Scandi aesthetic, or you just want an excuse to sit and chat with pals over a drink (without the pressure of booking a restaurant), it's a fun way to have a lovely day with friends, while flexing your hosting skills.
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