6 Sustainable Brands That Nail Underwear Basics

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With fashion being one of the biggest contributors to our carbon footprint, we’ve gone to great lengths to find greener alternatives, and brands have certainly heeded the call for more transparent and low-impact materials.
But while we’ve seen incredible innovations in mushroom leather handbags and swimwear made from recycled fishnets and water bottles, our underwear drawers haven’t felt the same kind of love. 
We’ve got activewear, loungewear and even our wardrobes sorted but finding everyday underwear basics that offer the same functionality and durability as traditional iterations can prove a more difficult task. To take the legwork out of shopping for you, we’ve rounded up our favourite go-to brands for fuss-free undergarments that utilise natural fabrics and simpler production methods to minimise the impact on our planet. Click through for the breakdown!

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