All You Need Right Now Is A Pair Of Silk Pyjamas

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Silk pyjamas might normally be associated with wealthy heiresses who swan around their gigantic mansions in fluffy heeled slippers but 2022 feels like the perfect time to treat ourselves to a bit of luxury.
While 2021 saw us reaching for joggers and a sweatshirt, loungewear has now become such a part of our everyday lives that it is almost formal attire. So what’s more comfortable than loungewear? Pyjamas, of course. No, we’re not talking about that tatty oversized T-shirt you stole from an ex; we’re talking about fancy-lady silk pyjamas, the kind that Mrs Maisel or Moira Rose would have in their enviable closet.
You may not own a four-poster bed or a walk-in wardrobe but there’s no reason you can’t inject a little boujee into your bedtime routine with a pair of silky jimjams. Whether you go for 100% pure silk or a more affordable satin set, any sleepwear that’s shiny is good with us. Plus, once you eventually leave the comfort of your bed, you can easily dress up your PJs for the perfect party look.
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