11 Self-Confessed Great Sleepers Share Their Bedtime Routines

Photographed by Michael Beckert
If you're struggling to sleep during the pandemic and regularly utter the phrase "I’m so tired" then it’s likely that you classify yourself as a 'bad' sleeper. According to one inquiry, more than 39.8% of Australian adults (approximately 7.4 million people) experience some form of inadequate sleep.
The long-term effects of poor sleep include difficulty concentrating, low productivity and mood disorders, yet despite this, many people who struggle to get a full eight hours of shut-eye have never taken steps to alleviate their sleep problems.
In comparison, the benefits of a good night’s sleep include boosted immunity, reduced stress and a healthy heart, meaning there is probably a thing or two to be learned from those of us who sleep well. So what are those who claim to be good sleepers doing before bedtime?
We picked the brains of 11 well-slept people to find out just how they do it. Click through to hear the ins and outs of their dreamy nighttime routines.
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