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30+ Secret Santa Gifts That Are Way Too Good To Be Regifted

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Names are being drawn from hats, bowls and digitally around the country in preparation for Secret Santa. And while the gift-giving itself is an enjoyable experience, actually finding a gift within a set budget that your recipient will actually like can be stressful. You want to give a gift that they'll get at least some enjoyment out of, rather than regift to their Kris Kringle next year.
If you're looking for gifts for co-workers, acquaintances, your extended family, or your partner's relatives, here's our list of the best Secret Santa presents, no matter what budget you're on.

Gifts Under $15

$15 sounds like a small amount but it'll honestly get you very far in the present department. For beauty fiends, an out-there nail polish or mini eyeshadow palette will be put to good use. Homewares are always trending and so, a fun mug or a succulent make for an equally pretty and functional present. Ahead of the new year, fresh stationery or journals can mark an optimistic new start. If all else fails, soap and affirmations always do wonders.

Gifts Under $25

Most Kris Kringle and Secret Santa budgets sit at around the $20 to $25 mark. And lucky for you, your imagination is the only limit here (well, that and the price maximum). If you know someone that spends a lot of time driving, this Frank Green cup holder is the perfect gift. In the skin and body realm, Sephora and The Ordinary have created unisex, gift-ready packs that are perfect for Kris Kringle. And for the tech lovers, we've chosen this karaoke microphone — half gag gift, half serious gift for someone who loves to belt out some tunes.

Gifts Under $50

If you find yourself with a bit more dosh to spend on your friends, or you're chipping in with a couple of people, you can really start to cater to the receiver's interests. Are they in need of some relaxation? A yoga mat or gua sha tool could be exactly what they need. If the recipient is someone who scoffs at anything that isn't practical, something like a Stanley Cup could be the way to go.
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