Christmas Gift Guide

The 29 Best Christmas Gift Ideas For Under $100

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If there's one repetitive Christmas song we always vibe with, it's Eartha Kitt crooning her wish list to Santa. From a yacht to Tiffany jewels to a '54 convertible (light blue), the girl knew how to reach for the stars.
We imagine our own friends' and family's wish lists aren't too dissimilar — but alas, most of us aren't able to drop fantasy-gift-level cash on every one of our giftees. But just because a $2,500 Peloton might be out of the question, doesn't mean there aren't plenty of remarkable and thoughtful gifts that will match your budget. We say this with certainty because, by now, we’re experts on every affordable present the internet has to offer.
Holiday shopping is far from a one-size-fits-all task. Yeah, yeah, you've heard it before. Gift-giving should be less about the gift itself and more about the thought behind it. But at the end of the day, creating a realistic present-buying budget is vital to your sanity, and shopping within tight financial constraints isn't always a simple task. Ahead, we offer a creative solution: the achievable holiday catalogue. Our roundup offers the best gift ideas that your money can buy — for $100 or less. Whether you're navigating the waters of shopping for a co-worker you're comfortable gossiping with (but not comfortable spending more than $25 on) or a significant other you're willing to donate your upcoming holiday bonus toward, look no further than this list of the best gifts for under $100.
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