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The Future Of Fashion Is Safe In The Hands Of These Australian Designers

The fashion industry is rapidly changing with the global pandemic, a focus on sustainability and the rise of digital fashion all taking the cushioned style scene for a spin.
It's left us wondering, with optimism for some and dread for others, what's next for Australian fashion?
It's often posed as a rhetorical question, but it's something that requires tangible answers. Who better to ask than the 2022 winners of Next Gen, AAFW's emerging designer program.
The program has been running for 26 years and has rocketed beloved brands like Bec & Bridge, Camilla & Marc, and Sass & Bide to acclaim.
This year's winners include Asia Hassan, founder of modest fashion brand ASIYAM, Natasha Gordon, founder of contemporary womenswear brand Clea, Phoebe Pendergast, founder of her experimental eponymous label, and Samantha Saint James, founder of luxury androgynous streetwear brand Not A Man's Dream.
Read on to hear their thoughts and dreams for the Australian fashion industry.
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