14 Aussies Share Their Most Regretful Purchase

Arm out of a phone screen holding shopping bags.
As much as we wax lyrical about how important saving and budgeting are, we know that a little thing called life often gets in the way.
So we spoke to Refinery29 Australia readers about the purchase that haunts them most. From a spicy bowl of tom yum soup to an expensive plant or even a whole house, the regretful buys ranged from annoying to downright upsetting.
But we're choosing to look at this with rose-tinted glasses. Regret is normal and expected, particularly when we make spontaneous purchases, so we're reframing these terrible purchases as life lessons for us all to learn from.
From May, we learn that we need to do more research before buying secondhand cars. From Kristen, that dramatic (and expensive) hair transformations aren't always the best idea. And from Asha, whose financial regret was massive, we've learned to always trust our gut. Ahead, 14 Aussies share the purchase they still regret.
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