Can You Not: The 10 Common Things That Seriously Irritate Your Boss

illustrated by Norah Stone.
For most employees, getting along with your boss is ideal, if not necessary, for career growth.
In what can sometimes feel like a tightrope walk, manager-employee relationships are some of the most crucial workplace dynamics, with the potential to make or break an employee's success. And yet, there are many things that employees can do to unknowingly piss their bosses off.
Of course, manager-employee dynamics are certainly a two-way street. After all, a good, supportive manager has the potential to bring out the best in an employee, whereas a distant, removed boss could very well bring out the worst.
Bearing in mind the symbiosis of the employee-boss relationship, there are a number of actions and habits that tend to drive bosses crazy. From being dishonest about mistakes, to lacking an ability to self start, it's important to be mindful of the ways you may be unknowingly — or unintentionally — irritating your manager. For this reason, we chatted with a managers from a spectrum of industries to gain some insight on the things that majorly annoy them.
Ahead, 10 managers share their biggest employee pet peeves — and how you can not do them! — which will hopefully help you to be a better employee (or at least stay on your manager's good side).
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