Want To Be On MAFS? Here’s How To Apply for Married At First Sight Season 12

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We’re a month into Season 11 of Married At First Sight and by now, you might be wondering how you can apply to be on the next season of the popular reality dating show
Well, you’re in luck. Applications for the 2025 season of MAFS are now open. Channel 9 and the producers of MAFS are actively looking for the next batch of romantic hopefuls, who are prepared to put it all on the line to find long-lasting love (or at least a few more Instagram followers). 
The reality series, or ‘social experiment’, sees experts John Aiken, Mel Schilling and Alessandra Rampolla match singles together based on their personality traits, dating history, and what they can both bring to the relationship. 
After marrying at first sight, the couples move in together and go through a crash course in married life. Guided by the experts and with the support of their fellow contestants, they must learn to navigate the ups and downs of married life and overcome the emotional baggage they each brought into the relationship. If all goes well, at the end of the experiment they can recommit to each other at the final commitment ceremony. 
While the series doesn’t have the greatest success rate, it has generated some genuine success stories like Jules Robinson and Cameron Merchant, who were matched together in Season 6 and are about to welcome their second child together. Martha Kalifatidis and Michael Brunelli, who also met on Season 6, are engaged and welcomed their first child in 2023. And Bryce Ruthven and Melissa Rawson, the most controversial couple from Season 8, seem to have beat the odds, welcoming twin boys in 2021. If you're curious, here are all the MAFS couples that are still together.
If you’re keen to throw your hat in the MAFS experts’ ring, keep reading to find out how you can apply for MAFS 2025 and what the application process entails. 

Who Can Apply For MAFS

To apply for Season 12 of MAFS, you have to be an Australian citizen or a permanent resident of at least two years, and over the age of 25. The producers are searching for men and women of all age groups and backgrounds, who are “genuinely committed to finding love”. 
You’ll also have to be prepared to commit up to four months of your life to the experiment and be ready and available for filming from July 2024 until October 2024. 

How Do You Apply? 

The first step in applying for the 2025 season of MAFS involves heading to the casting website and filling out the application form. 
The application form begins by asking you a bit about yourself, such as your age, gender, education, location, occupation and family background. 
It then goes a bit deeper, digging into your past and dating history. You’ll also be asked to explain why you want to go on the show and what you’re looking for in an ideal partner. 
Be prepared to be asked some more… interesting questions as well, like whether you’ve ever had cosmetic surgery, if you have any tattoos, whether you’ve ever been convicted of a criminal offence, if there's ever been an AVO against you, if you’ve ever declared bankruptcy and whether you’re involved in any other disputes or court proceedings. 

What Does The Application Process Entail? 

After you’ve filled out the application form, you can sit back and wait to (hopefully) hear from the producers. 
There’s a lot of mystery around what the actual application process entails, but if the producers are interested in your application, it seems that you are brought in for a series of interviews and medical tests before being matched with another contestant. 
In January, TikToker Julia van der Hoeven shared with her followers that she went through almost the entire application process for the 2024 season of MAFS, before pulling out at the last minute after she met someone in real life. In a TikTok, she spoke openly about the long application process, shedding light on the mysterious behind-the-scenes mechanics of the show. 
"There were a lot of interviews, all of them were with different producers, and all of them were recorded, except for one with a publicist," she explained. “I had to, of course, do a full police check and citizenship test, but they also make you do an entire medical exam to make sure you are mentally and physically fit to participate on the show.”
“One thing that shocked me but it probably shouldn’t have shocked me was that I was required to do every single STI check, including bloods,” she continued. “With this medical exam, you actually have to do a bunch of mobility tests as well.”
There is no closing date on the application website, but we suggest applying ASAP as filming for the 2025 season begins in just a few short months. 
May the odds be ever in your reality TV favour! 
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