DIY: The Right Way To Bleach Your Hair Blonde At Home

Blonde hair isn't a trend, but the tones and shades definitely change each season. The hair trend with perhaps the most longevity? It's gotta be platinum. Everyone from Kylie Jenner to Zendaya to your own next-door neighbour has rocked the hue at one time or another. So, why shouldn’t you?
Turns out, you don’t have to sink thousands into creating and maintaining a bright blonde — it’s totally doable at home. Now, know that this concept will surely worry some. And yes, many pros, like Maria's colourist, Roxie Darling of Hairstory will warn against it — but that doesn't stop many of us rebels from doing it successfully. So, if you’re brave, confident, and skilled enough, read on. Tip: Use your best judgment — this is not for everyone.
Click through our slideshow to learn every tip and trick you'll need to go platinum at home.

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