My Shower Is Lined With These Toning Shampoos & Masks For Blonde Hair

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We're all familiar with the saying "blondes have more fun." And although we're not going to start a debate over which hair colour is loving life more (personally, we think there's more than enough room for everyone to enjoy themselves), we do want to take a minute to discuss the one area of blonde life that can really put a damper on things, and that's colour care.
If you're not familiar with the struggle that is maintaining blonde hair, let us tell you it can be a real pain in the butt.
The good news? There's an easy fix to making in-shower care a little easier. All you have to do is incorporate a purple or toning shampoo into your weekly hair routine.
We recommend washing your hair with one of the below purple-coloured treatment shampoos. These formulas also brighten naturally grey or white hair, and can also be used by brunettes with blonde highlights. Happy shopping!

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