The 3 Hottest Haircut Trends You’ll See This Summer

Photo: Edward Berthelot/Getty Images.
The dichotomy of long versus short hair is tricky in the summer. On one hand, there's the heat factor, which makes you want to chop your hair off so your neck can breathe. On the other hand, a super-short cut, especially when new, can sometimes be challenging to style. The pixie cut you intended to be wash 'n go? Quite the opposite actually.
This summer, the hair trends fall in the Goldilocks zone: not crazy long, not too short, but a happy mid-length refresh. Ahead, find visuals of the three biggest styles that are rolling out in salons across the country, from L.A. to NYC. Whether you're going for the "hot-girl bob," the approachable mid-length chop, or a rounded shag complete with a curtain bang 2.0, you'll find the perfect style to wear through vacation season, ahead.

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