15 Women Share How Much They’ve Spent On A Friend’s Hen’s Party

Illustration by Genie Espinosa
Once seen as the last night of “freedom” before marriage, these days, hen's parties are often viewed more as a celebration of friendship and supporting a loved one as they enter an exciting new stage of their life.
There's plenty of debate over whether marriage itself is an antiquated heteronormative ritual, but one thing that’s for certain is we all want our friend to have a night (or weekend) they'll remember forever. After all, everyone goes into their wedding hoping it’ll be a once-in-a-lifetime experience and to be a part of that is incredibly special.
But one unavoidable reality that anyone who's stood by their friend as they got married will know — it's common for the costs to start piling up. From accommodation to travel, and sashes to strippers, a weekend celebrating your friend may put a hefty dent in your bank account.
But what’s the right amount to spend on a hen's party? Is there even one? We asked 15 women to share what they’ve recently spent on a hen do.
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