Happy Rugs Are The Joyous Interiors Trend Set To Revive Your Space

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Among the interiors trends that lockdown built, statement rugs were the hyped-up fad that actually stuck. But beyond all things checkerboard, a dark horse of joyous tufted goodness emerged: the happy rug.
Characterised by its soft textures, whimsical colours and mood-boosting designs, the happy rug has gained momentum in 2021, sending many of us reformed minimalists spiralling into an existential interiors crisis.
Sure, trippy prints, florals and cloud motifs have always been around, but these decorative pieces have largely prospered during lockdown after the great crafting DIY boom of 2020, with a #Tuftok community flourishing on TikTok. Relatively easy to learn, tufting is an ancient weaving process that has been lauded for its calming benefits, much like tie-dyeing and baking, which also took off during the pandemic.
The beauty of tufting is that the designs are completely up to you, so even if you're not down for the groovy mushroom and daisy prints that are currently trending, you can find your own unique style to suit your space.
And, while it is an involved DIY process with plenty of methods to the madness, you can pick it up and put it down at ease. And, just like knitting a simple scarf that somehow took you 18 months, having something fun and unique to show for your efforts can feel greatly rewarding.
Coinciding with the rise of mainstream maximalism and the Avant Basic aesthetic, these rugs are a delightful addition to any room. But, if you are a minimalist at heart that just wants to dabble, there are lots of small scale options perfect for a bathroom mat or that bring just the right amount of whimsy to your foyer.
They may not be the most practical of homeware purchases, but boy, do they look cute — and that's just about as good a reason we need to get on board. You'll find an abundance of helpful DIY videos on YouTube (we love this one) and TikTok, but if you're keen to leave it to the professionals, there are plenty of brands and Etsy sellers boasting a worthy collection of made-to-order and ready-for-purchase happy rugs. Happy shopping!

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