33 Gifts That Gen Z Won’t Hate (According To A 24-Year-Old)

Designed by Marli Blanche
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As a girlie born in 1999, I am often referred to as 'the most Gen Z' person most people have ever met. From Miffy to bows and Taylor Swift, I am quite literally a stereotype of my generation. I am exactly like the other girls, and I love it.
So, for Christmas, I fully harnessed all of my tech-savvy, self-deprecating-yet-confident, bow-loving, passionately-outspoken attributes to curate the ultimate Gen Z Christmas gift guide.
Take notes: We like sustainability (because we were born into a dying planet), we live on TikTok (no explanation needed), AND we definitely love a good Christmas gift (just like everyone else). Flip through the following slides for a lesson in which presents are at the very top of our generation’s wishlist. There's everything from sought-after Ganni ballet flats and Dolly Alderton's latest book, to Olivia Rodrigo's new album on vinyl, tarot cards, music players, and a Taylor Swift-inspired T-shirt — in other words, there's bound to be a thing or two worth buying for your favourite early 2000s baby. So we present you: The best gifts for Gen Z.
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