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There's something about a good perfume that instantly brightens up your mood and gives you a boost of confidence. You can never have too many — a true enthusiast can curate perfumes to match different moods, seasons, or events. Date-night perfumes, mood-specific ones, and everyday kinds, you name it. There is no shortage of ways to sort and shop for perfumes, but sometimes, the best way to discover a new scent is directly from devoted users.
If you've been in a rut searching for a new scent, the R29 team is here to share with you a plethora of must-haves that every fragrance lover should know. Our editors' favourite perfumes include everything from trendy Le Labo scents to cult favourites like DS &Durga's Pistachio and unique fragrances that are influenced by your natural chemistry like Escentric Molecules.
So are you ready to peek into our editors' glorious perfume wardrobes? We won't blame you if you decide to go on a mini shopping spree and pick up a few new scents. Find everything from bright fruity options, delicious gourmands, classic floral notes, spicy aromas, and woody and musky colognes to fresh and clean eau de toilettes and eau de parfums ahead. We've also described all the main notes of each fragrance and where we like to wear them to help you find the one that works for you.
"This perfume has only been in my collection a few short weeks but it was love at first sniff. I'm not usually a massive fan of white florals so I was hesitant to even try it, but it's unlike any scent in the category I've ever smelled before — it's subtle, moody, sophisticated, complex and fresh. I suspect it has something to do with the fact that it marries traditional floral notes such as jasmine, orange blossom, magnolia and tuberose with bursts of fresh fruit (bergamot and pear), and is grounded by the presence of patchouli, sandalwood and vetiver. Regardless of the specifics, the smell is divine and I've had to start sharing it with my partner because she loves it so much too." — Briar Clark, Style & Beauty Writer
"I’m typically a lover of sexy, androgynous perfumes and Cannabis by Malin+Goetz is exactly that. This perfume is bold and I love the oil format (though it does come in a spray version as well) for its compact, rollerball bottle that lasts far longer than you’d expect. The dominant notes in this smokey perfume are bergamot, black pepper, magnolia, cedar, patchouli and sandalwood — and the mix of spicy, savoury notes adds a sultry vibe to the perfume that I just love. Though this might be considered more of an evening or winter scent for some, I feel great in it in every season and at all times of day — that’s why it’s my all-time favourite fragrance. (Just be careful with the bottle because it has leaked through my bag a couple of times.)" — Ange Law, Managing Editor
"I'm not a big perfume person, but there's one go-to scent I keep on my bedside table for everyday use: Marc Jacobs Daisy. I love the lightness of it; with fruity, floral notes of berries and jasmine giving me a fresh feel that's far from overpowering for daytime wear." — Alicia Vrajlal, Senior Culture Editor
"My favourite scents are usually more evening perfumes that are warm and heady with notes of amber, vanilla and sandalwood and patchouli. But right now, I’m on a clean and fresh cleanse and obsessed with the Jo Malone Orange Blossom Cologne. It’s so light and happy and makes me feel calm. I adore it!" — Ellie Goodman, Senior Native Content Manager
"When I tell you I have a low-key perfume obsession, I mean it! It’s really hard for me to pick a favourite, but one I find myself going back to again and again these days is Pistachio by DS & Durga. I’ve tried hundreds of perfumes, and nothing smells quite like it — it’s creamy and comforting, with an indescribable sweet/savoury note blend that is so addictive. People always ask me what perfume I’m wearing, and I never gatekeep it — it’s just that good." — Zahra Campbell-Avenell, Head Of Editorial
"My boyfriend bought me this perfume as a birthday present and it's my favourite everyday scent! Molecule 01 is built around one molecule, Iso E Super. Similar to Glossier's You, the scent reacts to your body's natural chemistry so each person will have their own unique fragrance! It's not overpowering and reminds me of fresh clothes drying on a summer's day. It's also paraben-free, which is good to know when spraying something directly onto your skin." — Jasmine Wallis, Native Content Editor
"Ooft, choosing your favourite fragrance is like choosing a favourite child — near impossible. Of course, I love cult-famous fragrances like Le Labo and Byredo. But at the moment, I’ve got a bit of an obsession with Billie Eilish’s debut fragrance, Eilish. It’s a yummy blend of vanilla, spices and cocoa. It’s kind of got a warm, wood and musk scent to it that lasts hours. So many people compliment me when I wear it. Plus, it’s super affordable for an everyday perfume." — Bree Grant, E-Commerce Editor
"I’m a long time fan of Chanel’s Eau Fraîche eau de toilette (the fact that the bottle is green — my favourite colour — doesn’t hurt!), and the brand recently unveiled an eau de parfum version of the scent. It’s slightly stronger than the EDT, but still has the light, crisp notes that made me fall in love with the original. It’s my new go-to: It’s modern and bright but with a sensual, woody base that lasts all day long." —  Karina Hoshikawa, Senior Writer
"This scent may be a little overdone — literally walk down any Brooklyn street, and you’re bound to catch a whiff of it on a person strolling by — but I’ve loved Le Labo Santal for years and years. It’s the perfect mix of musky mystery without overpowering and can work for any occasion, day or night." — Kate Spencer, Senior Affiliate Strategist
"This was initially going to be a purchase solely because Harry Styles modelled for the campaign (Hi, Harry Styles fan here if you didn’t know). But I’m very particular about which scents I use and get massive migraines from various smells. I typically like musky, warm notes (drawn to colognes more than perfumes), and this genderless eau de parfum hit all those marks for me. It’s not too sweet and not too pungent but strong enough to make me stand up a little straighter and feel ready to take on my day or night." — Victoria Montalti, Associate Affiliate Writer
"I have never wanted to smell like a cupcake, a flower, or baby powder at any point in my lifetime—I just want to smell like the handsomest lumberjack you’ve ever met. That’s why I love Maison Margiela’s By the Fireplace scent: it’s smokey and woodsy with just a tiny hint of vanilla that makes it smell clean but not sweet. It’s a truly unisex scent that’s never overpowering, and I get lots of compliments whenever I wear it, which is basically every day." — Sarah Crow, Affiliate Director
"Growing up, my mother didn't like perfume, so you could call this my gateway perfume. Lancôme's Idôle Eau de is the signature perfume that helped me discover what I love in a fragrance – floral, feminine, and kinda seductive. I wear this perfume almost every day because it's pretty delicate and clean so that I can wear it throughout the year." — Becca Sax, Affiliate Coordinator
"This perfume is so well loved that it took me five people to help track down the name of it because the label on the bottle has completely rubbed off in its time with me. The sole reason was that the light fragrance makes it a perfect signature scent to wear daily. Though it has woodsy notes of pine, which can make things smell too heavy, the top notes of salt and citrus make it perfectly wearable and clean. It makes me feel like a magical fae creature, and isn’t that what we all want to feel like every day?" — Charlotte Lewis, Sex & Wellness Writer
“Whether it’s the original Milk layering scent or its amplified perfume version, I’ve never been more obsessed with a fragrance in my life. With notes of white musk, bergamot, and amber, this seemingly simple fragrance is surprisingly complex and layered. It’s a daily light and fresh scent with a slight musk that makes you smell clean and sexy at the same time. It’s not strong or overpowering, but others will definitely smell it on you (and love it). — Mercedes Viera, Associate Deals Writer
"Jo Malone London's Bluebell is the elegant, subtle, and fruity fragrance I want as my forever signature scent. I always talk about how I want to gracefully grow old, and this is the scent I want future generations to remember me by. It's definitely not that it smells like an old grandma, but it's a lovely timeless perfume. The notes of bluebell, lily of the valley, lemon, persimmon, and white musk are mesmerizing. Since it's a soft fragrance, I like to spritz it on before bed or on my hair as a scent you get when I walk past. Plus, with all Jo Malone scents, it's easy to mix with others for a new blend." — Vivien Lee, Affiliate Fashion Writer
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