The Lazy Girl’s Guide To 2021 Halloween Costumes

Spooky season is upon us. But while we've been busy putting together the ultimate horror movie marathon watchlist and preparing our themed snacks and nails, October 31 is quickly creeping up on us. And despite not having much else to do, we find ourselves a bit stumped for costumes once again.
But you don't need to reach Heidi Klum levels of commitment this Halloween because this year has provided us with plenty of iconic moments to pay homage to that barely require any effort, let alone a trip to your local wig shop. So not only can you get ready in a pinch, but you're bound to save some coin while you're at it.
But when we say there's been a lot to take in — we have been part of a global pandemic that saw the world turned upside down, after all — there's almost too much to tap into. Luckily for you, we pop culture fanatics at Refinery29 Australia have taken it upon ourselves to put together the ultimate capsule of Halloween costumes — thanks to a particularly great year for red carpets and television —  that are too easy to recreate.
Read on for 18 of the best lazy girl friendly costume ideas fit for 2021.

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