6 Iconic ’90s Hairstyles To Break Out For Halloween

Photo: S. Granitz/WireImage.
With Halloween parties looking a little different this year, we're reframing our approach to dressing up for the occasion. This year, the costume trends will be less about the head-to-toe looks (because the nature of Zoom and restricted guests makes pants and shoes irrelevant) and more about two key details: hair and makeup.
As it pertains to the former, you can't go wrong channelling the decade with arguably the most iconic and recognisable hair: the '90s. When you dress as a pop icon — 1998 Drew Barrymore with a fringe and daisies in her hair, an homage to Selena Quintanilla, or Lil' Kim with her purple wig at the 1999 VMAs — you'll be a shoo-in for the Best Costume Award. For a complete rundown on the best '90s hairstyles to inspire your 2021 costume, scroll ahead.

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