Everything We Know About The Dream Home Finale 2024

After months of sweat, hard work, and sleepless nights, the Dream Home finale for 2024 is on our doorstep. Yep, after watching six teams transform each other's run-down houses into the homes of our, well, dreams, we're about to discover what team will walk away with a life-changing $100,000 to help with their mortgage.
Finale week will see the top three teams above the yellow line get coveted backyard transformations — the winner of which will be dubbed the Dream Home champions for 2024!
Ahead, here's everything we know about the Dream Home 2024 finale, including what teams are competing, when you can watch the finale, and what to expect.

When Is The Dream Home 2024 Finale?

The grand final week for Dream Home kickstarts on Monday, July 8th, when contestants will begin the backyard renovations.
Then, part two of the finale will air on Tuesday, July 9th, where teams won't just see their completed backyards — they'll also discover who will walk away with the $100,000 prize money.

What Happens During The Dream Home Finale?

The Dream Home finale, taking place over two nights, will see the top three teams renovate each other's backyards.
The scores will be completely reset among the three teams, meaning that the winner of the backyard transformations will be the team to take home the coveted $100,000.
On Monday night's episode, we'll also see Lara and Peter and Jacinta and Jordan see their completed homes for the first time.

What's The Prize For Dream Home?

The best thing about Dream Home is that every couple competing will walk away with a newly renovated home.
But for one lucky couple, they'll also be dubbed the winners of the season and take home an additional $100,000 in prize money!
It's big stakes for the sibling pairs Rhys and Liam and Taeler and Elle, with only one half of the pair walking away with a renovated home (unlike the romantic couples who live together!). This means that they're gunning for the prize money even more, to prevent one sibling walking away empty handed.

Who Is In The Dream Home Finale?

While we're not sure who will be in the top three (yet) as we haven't seen the final scores, it's a pretty tight race when it comes to the couples above the yellow line.
In first place currently are Rhys and Liam with a total score of 128, making them a pretty clear lock-in in the final three.
In current second place is Lara and Peter with a score of 127.5. We can also expect this couple to make it through to the backyard transformation round (provided nothing goes wrong in their next transformation!).
The next spot is a bit more up for grabs. Taeler and Elle are currently sitting in third place with a score of 125.5, after falling from the top spot after a disappointing kitchen and laundry last week.
Following them is Hannah and Jonny, who are trailing just a few points behind at 122.5.
In final place are Brad and Mel and Jacinta and Jordan. While we can't expect that these two couples will pull off a miracle, they've walked away with a brand new home — which is a prize in itself!
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